Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Mayhem is coming to season 2


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger ended its first season last week with a fun cliffhanger for the next season. So… who or what is Mayhem?

Cloak and Dagger ended its first season with its first post-credits stinger of the year:

A shot of Detective O’Reilly climbing out of a New Orleans swamp, looking worse for the wear with some glowing green eyes. And then this fun video after:

So… who or what exactly is Mayhem? Aside from Detective Brigid O’Reilly, of course.

In the comics, she’s still a detective and does help out Cloak and Dagger. The three of them attempt to take down a series of corrupt cops when O’Reilly gets shot. While Tandy and Tyrone try to save her with their powers, she still ends up dying, but is reborn as Mayhem, another crime-fighting vigilante who’s tough on crime due to her cop background.

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It’s a similar origin story to what happens in the show. In an interview with, showrunner Joe Pokaski has already said they put O’Reilly and Tandy/Tyrone in the same power spectrum, “particularly for next season.” That sounds pretty ominous.

Then what exactly are her powers, you ask? Well, the show can take as many liberties as it wants in season 2. In the comics, Mayhem oozes a noxious gas from her pores. It melts Tandy’s light daggers and can act as a truth serum if needed. She uses her talon-like fingers to scratch the skin of her enemies and infect them — hence the slash marks in that video. When the gas enters their bloodstream, it paralyzes them.

Oh, she can also levitate and fly.

I’m not sure if Cloak and Dagger will make that one a thing, but the noxious gas may prove to be more than Tandy and Tyrone can handle. If their powers can’t necessarily fight against it, who will bring her down?

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We’ll have to find out when Cloak and Dagger returns for its second season in the spring of 2019!