10 stylish looks we need right now from TV Land’s Younger


One of our biggest guilty pleasures is TV Land’s Younger, but as much as we love the juicy plot lines, the clothing is even juicier.

Over the summer I discovered a new obsession. No, not mango cart beer. Okay, yes that too, but in this case, I’m talking about TV Land’s show Younger.

Currently, Younger is in season 5, so I had a lot of catching up to do, a task I was able to accomplish fairly quickly. Now up to date, I’m utterly obsessed with all the romantic triangles, campy antics, and legendary outfits. Like all shows, the wardrobe department plays a critical role, but there’s something about this show, in particular, that really pushes the envelope. The outfits are on-trend, and assembled with perfection.

Quick tip: if you ever are trying to buy a look seen on your favorite TV show check out wornontv.com.  After some browsing, I realize that nothing anyone wears is in my price range. I’m hoping the characters use one of those clothing rental subscriptions because they already complain about being broke.

Back to the good stuff! Below is a list of the 10 best looks you are going to want ASAP from Younger.

Sex, Liza, and Rock and Roll

In a recent episode, Liza rocked a blue Marni floral tee dress. She paired the delicate silk dress with a studded belt making the whole outfit memorable. Such a perfect “day to night” look. It’s hip, yet still classy enough for any office. Since Liza is only pretending to be in her mid 20’s, she’s always wearing something cutting edge and youthful. Everything has to add to the illusion, right?

The Talented Mr. Ridley

The metallic, deep-v, halter dress Liza wore to the Times 100 party is super fresh. The Angie  Gown is made by the brand Milly, who are known for their bold and bright style. The Angie Halter dress re-imagines the rainbow using metallic colors and vertical stripes. Though the dress is timeless in design, the metallic print gives the dress a youthful edge, which is very Liza.

A Close Shave

Considering episode 6 of season 4 is one of the steamiest episodes of the series, it’s incredible that I even noticed Liza’s astonishingly cute crop top. Liza’s off the shoulder, apricot colored crop is called Soleil Abstract Print Crop Top made by Apiece Apart.  One thing I like about the clothing in this show is that there is a ton of statement pieces, and this top is no exception.

The Gift of the Maggie

Liza is far from the only stylish character. Her co-worker and best friend Kelsey has her own unique style. In episode 5 of season 4, Kelsey pulls out a show-stopping, bedazzled, lace, boho mini dress and rocks it all day long — the audacity! This pink, paisley, crystal embellished Marc Jacobs dress is all I’ve ever wanted. Its bohemian vibe is a little different for Kelsey, but she wears it well.

The Gelato and the Pube

Heck yes, Kelsey Peters has style! The girl is a boss, literally, and everything she wears has to reflect that. In episode 8 of season 4, Kelsey wears a pink leather Gucci jacket with a huge bow on the chest. I can’t find this jacket anywhere online, which makes me want it even more. It’s cute, yet tough which is the definition of Kelsey Peters. The jacket is paired with a mixed-print snakeskin clutch by Proenza Schouler. This one I could find, but it’s sold out. Alas, we are saved from spending hundreds of dollars.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

The girls love their Gucci. In the premiere of season 3, Liza wears one of the most iconic dresses of the show. It’s actually somewhat ugly, which is part of the dress’ charm. This toucan print Gucci dress is a mix of city and country. The style, with its cowboy trims and front pockets, seems like something you’d see at a hoedown. On the other hand, the garment’s print is busy, fresh and very youthful. I love when styles come together to make one solid piece.

Last Days of Brooks

Personally, I’m a fan of Zadig and Voltaire, so when I saw Liza wearing a cute little mint multi-print dress, I wasn’t surprised it was theirs. The Rory Print Dress is a great addition to anyone’s summer closet. That said, summer’s halfway over, luckily the Rory dress would look super fresh with some black leather boots, a leather jacket, and a hat. Ah! Isn’t fall fashion exciting?

Like a Boss

In season 2, Liza is still finding her 26-year-old style. One of her early looks involves a fringe woven top by Proenza Schouler. Never in a million years would I have picked this top off the rack but seeing it on Liza makes me realize my narrow-mindedness. Scrolling through Proenza Schouler’s website, I notice that a lot of their stuff is perfect for young professionals. Its geometric shapes adds a high fashion vibe to professional wear.  If you’ve got a disposable income, I highly recommend them.

The Jade Crusade

One of the more iconic looks of the series comes out of Kelsey trying to seem casual and chill to a client. In doing so, she rocks a super hipster look, complete with overalls and bougie hat. Of course, in the episode, the girl Kelsey was trying to impress claims overalls are lame, but whatever, she’s wrong. Another thing that makes this look stand out amongst the millions of others is that it’s one of the few outfits I can afford. You can probably shop the whole look at Forever21.

Broke and Pantyless

In the first season, Kelsey rocks a badass “young professional” look. The outfit includes a classy, yet youthful jacket by IRO, and a sexy, tough looking, pink wrap skirt by Alexander Wang. A great plan when creating an outfit is to pick one piece that has a busy pattern and pair it with block colors, like the outfit above. Kelsey finishes the whole look off with a circle scarf and a black handbag. I love that Kelsey and Liza always look astounding while knocking down walls and conquering the world.

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What’s your favorite look from Younger? Let us know your style favs in the comments!