10 best MCU fandom accounts you should be following on Twitter


Fandom accounts help keep you current on Marvel news and keep you feeling connected to your fav characters. Here are some of our favs!

Twitter is one of the best ways for fans to connect to other fans, as well as official accounts. While there are hundreds of MCU fandom accounts, both official and unofficial, we’ve compiled a few of the best to get you started.

While there are many specific accounts devoted to certain characters or ships, this list is mainly focused on those that deal with the MCU as a whole. (Otherwise, this would be a list full of Captain America and Steve Rogers ships, and we wanted to be a little less biased than that… for now.)

Daily Marvel

This account posts a variety of Marvel-related gifs, news, funny quotes, and much more. Sometimes, you just need to see a variety of your favorite Marvel characters and actors, and this is a great place to do so. Overall, a cute account that covers all of your favs and is sure to cheer you up.

Texts from Marvel

This account posts a lot of incorrect Marvel texts as well as funny text posts over images. This is another account that posts a good mix of characters, from Tony to the Guardians and everyone else. If you are looking for some humor in between some of that Marvel angst, this is a good place to go.

Marvel UK & Ireland

This official account for the UK and Ireland is one of the most fun MCU official accounts out there. They are supportive of all your favorite characters and pairings including friendships, romances, and familial connections. They are especially big fans of the Steve/Bucky relationship, which is something fans have really come to enjoy.

Marvel Studios

Another large account that is a must-follow if you are looking to keep up on all Marvel movie news is the official Marvel Studios account. Marvel Studios also posts about other MCU events and merchandise and is just a catch-all place for all MCU news and information.

MCU News & Tweets

Keeping up on MCU news can be quite the job. While the official accounts are great for some of the big news items and for promotional materials, some of the unofficial news accounts are ideal for finding those hidden gems of information you didn’t know you were missing. MCU Tweets posts news stories, concept art, information about deleted scenes, and much more.

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment is another official account that’s a must-follow. This account posts a variety of news, and also keeps followers up-to-date on the TV shows of the Marvel universe. Also, if you are looking for general information and updates about Marvel comics, you can find some of that information here, as well.

Incorrect Marvel

The Incorrect Marvel Twitter is another great humorous account that makes up pretend messages between MCU characters. This account does a good job of covering most of the main characters. There are also many other fan accounts out there that cover “incorrect” messages. So, if you are looking for one of your favorite character or ship, you should be able to find it.

Fan accounts like @MARVELOLOGY and @cevansdoritos

These accounts post a lot of original content and lists. There are many fandom accounts like these out there, so finding your favorite is sometimes just a matter of searching. Both of these are humorous and sometimes irreverent, but note at times the content can be a bit NSFW.

Official Character Accounts

Almost every main Marvel character has an official account. From Thor to Jessica Jones to Black Panther, following your favorite characters’ official accounts is a good way to be inspired by their best moments and funniest lines.

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Of course, we know this list barely scratches the surface of what is out there. What are your favorite MCU fandom-related Twitter accounts?