Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom shippers should have hope


If you’re not enjoying some of Riverdale’s other ships, like Bughead or Varchie, then season 3 might just be good for Choni.

Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz’s burgeoning relationship in season 2 of Riverdale still seems like a bright spot in a season often dragged down by way too much mob nonsense. Even Betty and Jughead seem to lose some of their romantic luster for much of the season (though it does start to come back).

Fortunately, actresses Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan know that the fans enjoy their characters’ relationship. When interviewed at San Diego Comic-Con by FanSided’s Cody Schultz, both actresses point out that they’re definitely up for more Choni in season 3.

Petsch focused more on the two actresses’ development of their characters, noting that the two of them have “created a lot mentally” as to what exactly has gone on off-screen for Cheryl and Toni. (We also know that Riverdale‘s third season will see the students at the end of summer and going into a new school year, thanks to the trailer at SDCC.)

But just because the two of them have worked together doesn’t mean they’ve kept it quiet. Morgan said that they’re “actually really annoying” towards the writers in terms of talking about Toni and Cheryl together.

Riverdale could definitely use a little more love, and Cheryl does have that bright red Serpents jacket to cause some chaos, too. Petsch dubbed her character “more of an honorary Serpent” so far (hey, it does help justify the non-standard jacket), but she said she wants “[Cheryl] to go back to that fun and chaotic character.” There were definite flashes in the Carrie episode, but a Serpent Cheryl ready to be a bombshell again? Sign us up.

As for Toni, Morgan said she would like just more of Toni’s personal life in general, “more than just her grandfather.” The odds are good for that, since Morgan’s now a regular on the show, and it’s a move to have the show expand beyond just Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica.

It seems like our — and fans’ — wishes for Riverdale season 3 could all come true.

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The new season premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10. Rest assured we’ll bring you all the latest Riverdale news in the meantime right here on Culturess.