Harry Potter fans may have caught J.K. Rowling out on a plot hole


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had a glaring plot hole. One that J.K. Rowling may have found herself stuck in.

Harry Potter fans took to Reddit to question a plot hole that some of us have been wondering for a while. How did the horcrux in Harry not get destroyed when he was bitten by the basilisk in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? After all, a basilisk tooth destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary, right?

Rowling has tried to appease fans. After all, she does know her own universe better than anyone, right?

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Her logic was sound at first, too. She made it clear that a horcrux had to be destroyed beyond repair. Biting Harry wasn’t enough. He had to die. That was why he had to die in the final book (sorry, spoilers for those who haven’t got that far after 11 years.)

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Anyway, Harry Potter fans quickly called her out on that, as the resurrection stone within Marvolo Gaunt’s ring. The stone still worked.

Rowling tried to argue that the crack was irreparable, destroying the horcrux within. Was that really going to sit with fans? After all, a crack in a gemstone was never going to be irreparable. There’s magic for that. And the resurrection stone still resurrected Harry!

There hasn’t been a response to the idea of using the spell “repairo” on the stone. Rowling is likely thinking of one, but for now, it looks like she’s stumped on her own plot hole.

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What do you think? Why was the horcrux in Harry not destroyed? How was the stone irreparable after the use of the sword? Share your thoughts in the comments below.