Chris Evans is totally into Leslie Jones’ thirst tweet about Steve Rogers


Chris Evans has a response to Leslie Jones’ very excited response to seeing him as Steve Rogers in Infinity War. 

It is no secret that Chris Evans is one of the internet’s favorite actors. With good lucks, charm, and political activism, he makes most of us thirsty and always seems like great boyfriend material. And Leslie Jones has joined us in appreciating Evans, specifically how good he looked with that beard in Infinity War.

Leslie Jones recently live-tweeted as she watched Avengers: Infinity War for the first time. We highly recommend checking out all of her live-tweets as they are pretty entertaining. Entertainment Weekly gave a great rundown of the tweets here.

While doing so, Jones had a lot of feelings about Steve Rogers. (And honestly, who wouldn’t?)

Jones shared a video of herself reacting to Steve’s dramatic, iconic entrance as he emerges from the shadows behind the train. “Oh my God, Captain America, you are fine as f—. And you got a beard. Motherf–er, yeah!”

This reaction was highly relatable to many of us Steve/Chris fans and amazing in and of itself. Then, the internet brought us another gift when Chris himself responded to her tweet with his own.

The internet, and we would wager Leslie Jones, is screaming. Captain America and Chris Evans stans everywhere were delighted, but the fun didn’t even stop there.

Paul Bettany also got in on the action, sharing a close-up view of Vision starting at Steve in the film.

Jones had the last say in this exciting thirst-filled thread by adding:

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Seeing these interactions go down was entertaining for fans and is another example of Chris being a charmer on Twitter. We are definitely here for seeing other celebrities thirst after Captain America, and we are glad Chris is in on the excitement, too.