The Tom Holland fandom is so dedicated they might have caused charity site to crash


Tom Holland announced a fundraiser for a lucky fan to meet him on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and fans were certainly excited to participate.

There’s nothing stronger than a great fandom, and the Tom Holland fandom has really come out this time for a good cause.

On Wednesday, Holland announced a campaign that would give fans the chance to meet him on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home in London. Anyone who makes a donation via CrowdRise would be entered to win. You can imagine that any Holland fan willing to give back would jump at the chance to participate in this win-win situation.

But as easy as it sounded, the CrowdRise site actually experienced some difficulties right around the time when the video was posted. This writer checked the link within 10 minutes of the video being posted, and the site would not load at all. One time, the site reached a 503 error. After an hour, it slowly began to load in its pages.

Was the site’s slowdown caused by fans who immediately flooded the site to support Holland’s campaign? If so, this truly goes to show that Tom Holland can say he has some of the best fans around. This willingness to donate will get the Tom Holland fandom some great points when it comes to the Fandom 250, our way of tracking the biggest and best fandoms of the year. With good deeds like this, it’s likely Tom Holland can easily make his debut on the list.

Fans on Twitter expressed their own concern about making donations — but once the initial excitement died down, a number of Tweets began to flood spreading the word and showing that their donations went through.

Attached to the charity campaign is The Brothers Trust, Holland’s own charity set up by his family. The trust benefits different charities that “struggle to be heard in the noisy and competitive not-for-profit sector.”

Culturess reached out to CrowdRise to learn if Tom Holland’s campaign was directly responsible for the site crashing, but there has been no response from them yet.

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Some other large fandoms are also occupying the CrowdRise site, including Misha Collin’s GISH, J.K. Rowling’s Lumos, and a campaign from Amber Heard for Aquaman. It’s possible that all of those dedicated fandoms combined really overwhelmed the website. And if that’s what happened, these guys should be truly proud to have such strong, dedicated fans.