Avengers: Infinity War needs a full Leslie Jones commentary track


With a bevy of NSFW language, Leslie Jones’ first time watching Avengers: Infinity War about sums up everyone’s experience with the movie.

If Netflix takes suggestions, then here’s one that we think could get very interesting very quickly: Add Leslie Jones to the next season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. If her famous commentary of the Rio Olympics in 2016 didn’t prove that she has a knack for accurately capturing how a fan feels watching things, then her two-part live-tweet of Avengers: Infinity War absolutely does.

And yes, she knows she’s late to the party, but the hilarity more than makes up for it.

Starting on July 31 and continuing into today (because, as she put it herself, she had “to go to bed” and “might die from excitement” if she watched it all in one sitting), she reacted to the events of the film, with plenty of expletives. Granted, that’s entirely fair. There are a lot of moments in that movie that seem to require swearing.

Here are some of her safe-for-work tweets:

Maybe Rocket just doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a whack from Stormbreaker? Then again, Thor is a pretty nice guy when you’re not his enemy, so we think he’d be okay with being corrected on this.

Well, it is Infinity War. It does make sense to have almost everyone make an appearance at some point, right? At the same time, though, that reaction to Wakanda is absolutely accurate.

Who needs the Fermi Paradox, right?

But of course, her video commentary is perfect. Here’s where things get particularly NSFW, but also even more hilarious.

The power of Captain America with a beard is strong.

So is Thor.

Also, she has the perfect comment for Okoye’s expression upon seeing Bruce Banner faceplant in the Hulkbuster armor.

Next. Yes, the Russo Brothers cut a Sherlock joke from Infinity War. dark

Honestly, if she just wants to keep tweeting through all the Marvel movies, that’d be great, and we’d watch every single one.