Sharknapping victim Miss Helen is back home safe


Everyone was worried about Miss Helen after she was bizarrely stolen away in a baby stroller. But luckily the shark made it home safe.

Miss Helen the shark is safe! After days of suspense, the sharknapping is over, and Miss Helen is finally back home where she belongs.

When you think of heists, you’ll likely think of someone robbing a bank or stealing something big and valuable; a shark, a bucket, and a baby stroller certainly isn’t the first thing that wouldn’t come to mind.

But that’s exactly what happened when poor Miss Helen, a 16-inch horn shark, was kidnapped from the San Antonio Aquarium last weekend. The Zoo announced the kidnapping on its Facebook page, and people around the world waited with baited breath to see what would happen after the bizarre crime.

Three people seemed to work as a team to roll Miss Helen away. A man and woman were seen suspiciously staking out Miss Helen’s pool for about an hour. One man then finally used a net to take Miss Helen out of the pool and another man joined him in a side room. They then put Miss Helen in a bucket and covered her with a towel.

The men brought the bucket back outside, put her in a baby stroller, and casually walked her away! You really can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, the woman joined the two men and the sopping stroller while carrying an infant.

The group was confronted in the parking lot, but one of the men got away with the shark. The man then took the shark home with him and put him in what was apparently a huge personal aquarium.

“He had had one of these in the past. I think the animal had died sometime in the past. Obviously, he likes those types of animals,” Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said to KSAT news. “He had a lot of different marine animals in the home.”

Luckily, thanks to the crazy nature of the stroller getaway story, a lot of people were paying attention and had tips for the police and the aquarium. And Miss Helen was thankfully rescued on Tuesday.

Miss Helen is now taking it easy in quarantine to get over the shock of her whole sharknapping ordeal. She’ll then be returned home to her pool.

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So, at the end of the day, we guess the moral of the story is you might want to look twice if you see someone pushing around a dripping stroller. There might be a shark in there.