Parents are paying for their kids to be tutored in Fortnite game play


Fortnite is celebrating the one-year mark and with its popularity comes a pressure to play well and succeed in the game. And some parents are paying for it.

Fortnite fans are going the extra distance to win battles and prove they are in the top of their class. In fact, some parents are even going so far as to hire tutors for their children.

For $20 an hour, tutors train these children on strategy and ways to win Fortnite battles. According to The Wall Street Journal, these coaches are helping improve the gaming skills of these children. That’s right, mom and dad are now paying for their kids to win video games (and not to learn math or history).

If you are unfamiliar with Fortnite, it is a free-to-play video game. Players either play individually or in small teams, and whichever individual or team is able to survive until the end is declared the winner of that battle.

With the game’s popularity, it makes sense that people would want to be a part of the gaming craze, but apparently there is more to Fortnite than wanting to play a popular game. Instead, as Variety reports, there is a pressure to win and be as good as your friends, or honestly, even better than them.

In fact, some parents are claiming that the reason they are paying for Fortnite tutors is so that their children are no longer struggling to play the game that their friends are playing. And these parents are serious: they actually want to help their children get better at playing a video game. They are not concerned with any of the violence or even the fact that the kids are glued to a TV or computer screen.

Call us crazy, but this is definitely a whole new level of wow. When you think of hiring a tutor, the first thing that probably comes to mind is going to school school and getting an education. Now, it sounds like you can be tutored in so much more than science and math. And while we certainly understand having a tutor for certain activities like music and crafts (think knitting and pottery), the idea of a video game tutor never crossed our minds.

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At $20 per hour, it seems like being an expert at the art of Fortnite might actually be quite lucrative. It turns out that all those hours playing video games may very well end up paying off after all.