James Potter vs. Voldemort the duel that I wanted but never got


Dueling is a large part of Harry Potter, but the duel we never did got but really should have was James Potter vs. Voldemort.

The Harry Potter series is famous for a number of different reasons. One of the most compelling aspects of the journey is definitely the duels. Obviously, this is a part that everyone loves.

There was the first duel, of Harry vs. Draco Malfoy. Having no real experience dueling, or in this case, blocking spells, the boys took turns striking each other.

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There were the duels between Voldemort and Harry which were always amazing. Starting with the Priori Incantatem duel in the graveyard, ending with the battle in front of Hogwarts.

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In between those, you had the entire Department of Mysteries fight, pre, and post Sirius Black death, (Voldemort vs. Dumbledore is the best throughout the series). After that, a few others were sprinkled in.

The fight that I want to see, however, is the one of James Potter vs. Voldemort.

The fight does not actually happen, as James left his wand in the living room when Voldemort arrived. Voldemort makes remarks to Harry that his father died begging, but that’s boastful and from one person’s perspective. Voldemort may have been the strongest wizard in the world at the time, but James Potter was no slouch.

Throughout the series, people remark that James was an outstanding wizard. Professor Lupin draws to it during the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry is learning how to conjure a Patronus. When Harry starts to produce a Patronus during one of his private lessons with Professor Lupin he says;

"“You would’ve given your dad a run for his money,”"

The other small tidbit we get of James’ magical prowess is during Harry and Sirius’ duel against the Death Eaters. Harry shoots a wicked stunning charm causing Black to exclaim;

"“Nice shot, James!”"

That must’ve been nice to hear.

James Potter was also a full functional Animagi, which he, Sirius and Peter Pettigrew picked up when they were at Hogwarts. They became Animagi when the Marauders figured out Lupin was a werewolf. It took them only three years to figure out how to transform themselves.

During these adventures, the four boys created the Marauder’s Map. This was also a daunting task for 13-16 year olds. The power of the map helps Harry as much as any item.

James and Lily Potter had successfully fended off Voldemort on three separate occasions as well. In the completely hypothetical situation where James actually has his wand, I believe he would’ve put up a hell of a fight.

Alas, we will never see any snippet of the showdown. James Potter protecting his family vs. Voldemort, trying to murder a baby. James not having his wand is a cop-out for J.K. Rowling. The darkest wizard ever is hunting you down, I’m keeping my wand all me at all times.

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Would you have wanted to see James an Voldemort go head to head? Or do you like J. K. Rowling’s story as it is? Leave a comment below sharing what you think.