Harry Potter’s Katie Leung calls out the trolls attacking Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran


There’s no place for racism and misogyny in the world, although some trolls seem to think there is. Harry Potter’s Katie Leung made it clear what she thought about the trolls attacking Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran.

If you haven’t heard, Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran has deleted her Instagram account due to trolls. It’s a sad day when someone who is proud of her accomplishments and is doing something she enjoys is attacked by racism, misogynistic trolls on social media and feels her only option is to delete herself from it. However, she has since received support across multiple fandoms, including Potterheads, with Harry Potter’s Katie Leung tweeting out in support.

Katie Leung is best known as Cho Chang in the movie franchise, and has sadly likely received similar treatment in the past. To show her support, she simply tweeted “racism/misogyny is a bitch. Get well soon.” Fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter knew instantly what she was tweeting about.

She also shared a photo of herself on Instagram with a T-shirt of Tran’s Star Wars character Rose Tico.

Since Tran deleted her Instagram account, her co-star Simon Pegg also shared his support. He also shared his embarrassment and regret in being one of the fans who hated on new characters being added into the Star Wars franchise. However, he has grown since then, has deeply apologized, and shares that the movies really are just movies. It’s time for fans to get over the addition of new characters –worlds move on.

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Harry Potter fans certainly understand that. With the addition of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the Fantastic Beasts movies, new characters have been regularly added in. Maybe the fact that J.K. Rowling has been involved has helped to quell some of the dislike and anger, but most fans are supportive of the freshly created characters and are excited to see how they fit into the franchise. Many know it means growth and continuation for the world and that’s only a good thing.

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Yes, I know there are debates over Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but specifically looking at Fantastic Beasts, there’s mostly support for additional characters.

It’s ridiculous that social media has come to this. People shouldn’t feel they have to leave social media to avoid the trolls. The trolls should just disappear. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all?” If you haven’t, you may want to watch Bambi! Thumper’s mom is the best.

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What do you think about Katie Leung supporting a fellow actress? What do you think about new characters being added into a franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.