I have more feelings about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I want to get out


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child leaves you wanting to hug Harry. And it definitely makes you want to live in this world we grew up in even more.

Often I write about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and while I’m aware that many find it to be ‘glorified fanfiction’, I thoroughly enjoy it. And it isn’t because the series I love was suddenly back in my life. I could have just re-read the books.

Why I love Cursed Child so much is because it brings to light the insecurities in Harry Potter that make him human. Yes, we see this boy struggling but so many put him on a pedestal.  They think he’s perfect and he’s very far from it.

The most shocking thing to me came when Harry admits his fears at the end of the show. Albus is saying that Harry isn’t afraid of anything and Harry points out that he’s afraid of a lot of things. Most being simple to most of us but meaning a lot when you think about Harry’s past.

When I saw the show, people laughed when Harry says he’s afraid of small spaces and darkness. To me, that’s very far from funny. His entire life before Hogwarts he was trapped in the cupboard under the stairs. He grew up in the darkness there and couldn’t get out unless his aunt unlocked the door.

Harry’s fear come from people tormenting him and it is heartbreaking. This grown man is still struggling with what the Dursleys did to him. His fears are valid and to hear people laughing is almost even more heartbreaking.

Still, the show is absolutely incredible if you’re a fan of the character of Harry.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently on Broadway and the West End.