A new Harry Potter quiz asks us how well we know the character


We all love Harry Potter but how much do you know the character? This new quiz tests your knowledge on all our favorite character!

Entertainment Weekly wants to test our knowledge on the boy who lived. While the quiz seems to start off easy enough, it is one that gets progressively harder and if you’re not brushed up on your Harry Potter knowledge, you’ll feel the burn of every wrong answer.

From questions about what Harry got from his mother (hint: it is her eyes and they’re not supposed to be blue like Daniel Radcliffe’s) to questions about his heritage, the quiz didn’t bother to pretend to be simple. They wanted fans to test their knowledge on their favorite boy wizard.

It is surprising because a lot of these questions seem easy once you know the answer. Of course that’s who his great great grandfather was. But while looking at the question, it feels as if we’ll never figure out the answer. We love Harry but this quiz makes you feel like a bit of a novice when it comes to your love of the Boy Who Lived.

Then again, maybe you haven’t read the series in a while! It just depends on where you are in the series and when you last picked up a book. Still though, it is fun to see where our knowledge lies.

Are you the kind of fan who knows everything about Harry or do you have a different favorite character you know everything about? Well, test your knowledge and see just how much you know about Harry James Potter at the end of the day.

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What score did you get? Share your results in the comments below so we can see who knows Harry Potter the best!