Happy birthday, Harry Potter: Here is to the boy who lived!


Today marks Harry Potter’s 38th birthday and on this special day, we remember the boy who lived and why we love him so much in the first place.

Harry Potter himself turns 38 today. While he is a fictional character, it is still important to celebrate this boy. For years, he has been our best friend. We grew up reading about him and his adventures, watching him grow.

And now that he’s 38 years old, it is wild that we’ve been with Harry since 1997. Born in 1980 to Lily and James Potter, Harry James Potter was destined for greatness even if he had to suffer to get there. The prophecy was set and Harry didn’t really have a choice in what would happen to him. But he stepped up, did what was necessary and became the boy we know and love now.

Harry Potter is the kind of character who seems so connected to us. He is someone we grew up with. When we first opened Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we were lost in the world of this boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs.

There is more to Harry than just his destiny. He’s the boy who taught us all the importance of friendship and creating your own family. He showed us that we can come from nothing and still have a greatness to us that no one can stop.

We love the boy who lived a lot. Talking about him and his adventures is extremely fun and uplifting to us. So we wish Harry the best of birthdays because he deserves to have a great day and so much more.

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Happy birthday, Harry Potter. You’re the boy who brought us all together and we hope that your birthday is absolutely magical.