Celebrities are turning off-duty style into fashionably casual chic


Dress-down casual is getting a chic upgrade, thanks to celebrities who
have made off-duty style a fashionably trendy phenom.

Off-duty style has turned into a celebrity fashion trend in recent years. In contrast to the era when stars were scolded for overly casual attire, more celebrities are daring to relax and wear what they love (rather than what they “should”) everywhere from restaurants to the airport.

Off-duty style even has a history

As for who came up with the phrase “off-duty,” let’s travel back to 2008. That’s the year when Alexander Wang famously came up with the term “model off-duty.” Since then, Wang and other designers are appealing to celebrities from all walks of life who like the “off-duty style” sentiment.

Celebrity stylists are embracing the concept as well, with Kendall Jenner’s stylist Marni Senofonte telling Elle that the last four years have seen off-duty style shift from just Wang to a worldwide trend. Jenner is on board the off-duty fashion train, with her stylist moving from choosing Kendall’s red carpet outfits to selecting wardrobes for casual outings.

“In the past four or so years… I’ve started styling day looks and street style looks as often as red carpet looks, if not more,” noted Marni. “Before Kendall, I’d never planned an outfit for the airport. Now I feel like it’s the norm.”

Which celebrities are rocking off-duty outfits?

Kendall Jenner isn’t the only star spotted in off-duty fashions. Selena Gomez is flaunting her off-duty fashion faves on Instagram. There’s something about bright clothes complemented with dark attire that achieves the perfect off-duty fashion, as in Selena’s red and black.

Felicity Jones recently showed exactly how to transform casual clothes into off-duty fashion by topping dark cropped jeans with a loose pink blouse. The actress gave her relaxed outfit a finished look with white sunglasses and dark high heels.

How do you do justice to off-duty style in hot weather? Take a fashion cue from Beyoncé, who is showing just how it’s done. Queen Bey has us buzzing with her off-duty chic. That hot red toenail polish puts the sizzle in her sandals (we’re living for those ankle bands), while those artfully torn short shorts are the perfect choice to pair with her loose, multi-hued blouse.

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Our prediction: Autumn 2018 will see celebrities continuing to rock the off-duty style trend. Will you hop on board and embrace your own casual chic?