Celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday with a Snapchat filter for the Quidditch lover in you!


Snapchat is celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday just like the rest of us with a brand new filter! For the quidditch lover in your life, it is a fun one!

Love Harry Potter and have a Bitmoji connected to your Snapchat? Well lucky for you! To help celebrate Harry’s birthday, Snapchat has released a program that lets your Bitmoji represent your Hogwarts house.

Every Harry Potter fan has strong feelings about their house. Whether you are a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, you have a loyalty to your own that is unmatched by any other fandom. We like our houses and we want people to know it.

So celebrate Harry’s birthday with the sport he likes most: Quidditch! These Bitmojis will fly around the screen, being every bit the magical game we’ve come to know and love. Every year there seems to be a fun Harry Potter themed filter leading up to his birthday. Whether it is the glasses filter with a scar, a house scarf or now this, Snapchat wants users to be able to share their love of the Boy Who Lived with all their friends.

The only catch isn’t the golden snitch though. You have to make sure you have Bitmoji set up through your Snapchat in order for this feature to work. So if you’ve been holding out on getting Bitmoji, your time has finally come because you won’t want to miss the chance to fly around the Hogwarts quidditch pitch with all your friends. And it is here to celebrate Harry Potter so what’s not to love?

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Send us your pictures using the new filter! We love celebrating Harry Potter and his birthday so this Snapchat filter is perfect for all us Potter lovers out there!