Avengers: Infinity War deleted scene shows Thanos and Gamora’s complicated past


With so much cut from Avengers: Infinity War, the home release is finally giving us a look at what we missed, including an emotional scene with Gamora and Thanos.

On the list of the most endearing father-daughter relationships, Thanos’ and Gamora’s wouldn’t quite make it to the top. Thanos might think of it that way, but Gamora certainly wouldn’t.

To hammer in the idea that Thanos really cared for her, an extra scene cut from Avengers: Infinity War showed just that. The clip was released via USA Today, and it’s a bit of a treat to see such a lengthy scene (it’s nearly three-and-a-half minutes) that shows us more about the two characters.

The scene starts with Thanos doing what he’s done in most of the MCU movies — sitting on his throne — when he’s approached by Gamora. Except this Gamora has a different look from the one we see in Infinity War — Thanos, too. We soon find out that this is just Thanos possibly using the Infinity Stones to show a time when he and Gamora worked side-by-side.

In the flashback, Gamora informs Thanos that she has conquered another planet and that they have succumbed to accepting Thanos’ “terms” (perhaps having half of their planet wiped out). Gamora wears a smile on her face at the throne, and the present-day Thanos laments that Gamora is no longer like her old self. But Thanos, like most dads, is oblivious to how his daughter is really feeling.

As we learned through the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Gamora has a hatred for her adopted father because of what he made her do. She explains this to him as they watch the flashback. That “happy” smile was nothing more than her going along with things as she did his bidding against her will.

The emotional leverage of this scene drives home the idea that Infinity War was intended to be Thanos’ movie. Nothing much has changed with that scene being taken out of the final cut, but it seems to really show his emotional attachment to his favorite daughter.

Maybe if this scene were left in, we’d understand a bit more why he had to sacrifice her for the Soul Stone. But really, how can you justify truly loving someone if it means you have to sacrifice their life? Thanos, your whole plan is full of holes — but there’s enough plot-hole talk surrounding this movie already.

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This scene, along with lots of other bonus features, is now available to watch on the Avengers: Infinity War digital release. The 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD release will be out Aug. 14.