Outlander season 4: 3 questions we have after the trailer


Starz  has released the latest trailer for the fourth season of Outlander. Full of thrilling moments, this promo is definitely a doozy.

In less than a minute, the latest promo for Starz’s Outlander gave us a taste of some of the exciting new characters, settings, and adventures that Jamie and Claire will encounter, and now we are more excited than ever.

The trailer starts on an uplifting note, with Jamie and Claire expressing their chance at a new start in North Carolina, but events take a turn rather quickly, as the couples run into some unsavory characters, turning their welcome to the United States into a chilly one.

With so many twists and turns in just a handful of seconds, we were left with a few questions that we hope to see answered in the new season.

Auntie who?

The first new character we see is presumably a relative of Jamie’s, as he calls her “Auntie” upon meeting her.

For fans of the books, we know this to be Jocasta Innes (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Jamie’s aunt from his mother’s side of the family. In the fourth book of the series, Drums of Autumn, Jocasta meets the Frasers during their arrival to North Carolina, and it seems that she is serving the same purpose in the show.

However, in the fourth book, Jocasta is a fairly minor character. Could this be different in the Starz series? Her inclusion in this promo definitely prompts the question.

Who is Stephen Bonnet?

It was announced late last year that Ed Speleers (best known for playing Jimmy in Downton Abbey and as the title character of the less-popular book-to-film adaptation of Eragon) has joined the cast this season, and now we finally have our first look at his portrayal of Stephen Bonnet.

Those who have read the Outlander book series will remember that Stephen Bonnet is the Irish pirate with whom Jamie and Claire have some unfortunate run-ins.

In this promo, we first meet him as he warns them, “Be wary. Travelers in these woods are thieves and outlaws.” Could he be taking on a more generous personality in this new season? The quick cut to him smirking, and Jamie slamming him against a tree later in the trailer begs to differ; however, it would be interesting to see a baddie from the books taking on a new role in the series.

Who was the skull with the silver fillings?

It seems during their travels, Claire comes across a skull with silver tooth fillings, “something that won’t be invented for another 100 years.”

This leads us to the assumption that someone from the future had gone back to the past, just as Claire has done twice now. However, unlike Claire, they didn’t make it.

This is not the first time Claire has encountered someone from another time, as she once befriended (and nearly beheaded), Geillis Duncan, who originally travels back from the 1970s.

But while Geillis told Claire about her past (future) life, this person certainly cannot. So, who is this mysterious time traveler with a couple of cavities? Is their unfortunate fate any way tied to the Fraser’s? Only time will tell.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what questions you have about the new season in the comments below!

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Outlander returns this November on Starz.