10 shows to watch if you’re missing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Lady Dynamite 

What it’s about: The show follows stand-up comedian and actress Maria Bamford in a fictionalized version of her life after she moves back to Los Angeles and tries to rebuild her career after spending months in treatment for her bipolar disorder.  Audiences watch Maria struggle to make her comeback as she still learning to readjust to life.

The crazy connection: Both shows use dark comedy to portray mental illness in an accurate yet comedic way. Typically, when you hear that a show’s premises are centered around a character wita h borderline personality disorder (like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) or bipolar disorder (like Lady Dynamite) it’s expected to be a serious drama. It’s refreshing to see multiple shows breaking the stigma of characters with mental illness having to be tragic. 

Where to watch: All seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. 

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp 

What it’s about: The series is a prequel to the 2000s cult classic film, Wet Hot American Summer, which is definitely required viewing to fully appreciate the show. Nonetheless, the show follows the campers first day of camp which, like any other typical first day of camp, includes an undercover journalist, a government conspiracy, and a camp musical (we’re kidding, of course). 

The crazy connection: The beauty of both of these shows is that they embrace the absurdity that they can get away with in the comedy drama. Both shows excel at taking a seemingly normal plot moment and escalating it to the point of ridiculousness.  See Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s performance of “Friendtopia” and First Day of Camp’s talking can of peas origin story for evidence. 

Where to watch: The limited eight-episode series is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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Hopefully these shows will be enough to keep you satisfied while we wait for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to return and long after the series has ended!