10 shows to watch if you’re missing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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The Good Place 

What it’s about: The series begins right after Eleanor Shellstrop’s death and her afterlife arrival at the Good Place. It’s a perfect neighborhood full of the world’s best people, which is how Eleanor knows she’s arrived there by mistake. Eleanor has to figure out how to hide her secret from everyone that she’s actually a terrible person in order to stay in the Good Place because if not, she’ll be sent to the bad place. 

The crazy connection: On both The Good Place and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you find yourself rooting for a main character who may be a fundamentally bad person, but is doing their best to try and get better. Eleanor’s transformation may be post-mortem versus Rebecca’s attempt to do right while still on Earth, but both are characters who experience a lot of growth throughout their respective series. 

Where to watch: The Good Place is currently streaming its first season on Netflix, and new episodes will air this fall on NBC.

Gilmore Girls 

What it’s about: Mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory, live in the small, idyllic town of Stars Hollow. They love coffee, talking fast, and takeout food more than most people. Lorelai raised Rory as a single teen mom after giving up a life of luxury that her extremely wealthy parents provided her.  But to be able to afford the tuition of the college prep school the extremely intelligent Rory wants to attend, Lorelai must reconnect with her parents. 

The crazy connection: On the surface, there may not be a big connection between the two shows, but where you really notice their similarities is in their settings. Both Stars Hollow and West Covina are basically another character in each of their respective shows. The chaos that happens in each respective town can only make sense in West Covina or Stars Hollow. Plus both series have fantastic supporting casts that take their shows from good to great. 

Where to watch: All seasons of Gilmore Girls are currently streaming on Netflix.