10 shows to watch if you’re missing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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What it’s about: A struggling actress, Ruth, joins the world of 1980s female wrestling where she swept into all the guts, glitter, and glory.  In there she finds sisterhood, empowerment and a feud with a former soap actress. 

The crazy connection: Both shows are united in their portrayal of the importance of female friends, Ruth with her fellow GLOW girls, and Rebecca with her girl squad of Donna, Valencia, and Heather. Plus, both shows have overall feminist themes, which take them far from the stereotypes shows about female wrestlers and ex-girlfriends can fall victim to. 

Where to watch: GLOW is currently streaming on Netflix.

Schitt’s Creek

What it’s about: A wealthy family, The Roses, lose all their money and assets after they fail to pay their taxes. The only asset they’re allowed to keep is the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which they previously had bought their son as a joke for his birthday. Penniless, but still with expensive taste, the family moves into the town’s motel and begins to rebuild their lives.

The crazy connection: Although Rebecca’s move to West Covina is voluntary, both Rebecca and the Roses start as outsiders in their new communities where they’re trying to rebuild their lives. Both are definitely a bit off-putting and out of touch with their neighbor’s lifestyles, which makes for hilarious comedy moments, but both eventually find their place in their new homes. 

Where to watch: Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming its first three seasons on Netflix.