10 shows to watch if you’re missing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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What it’s about: In a suburban Ohio high school, a rag-tag group of mostly outcasts joins together to form their school’s Glee club, New Directions.  The first season follows the team’s journey to sectionals (and then regionals) all the while dealing with typical high school drama that comes from being on the lowest rung of the high school popularity chain. 

The crazy connection: Although Glee tends to only sing cover songs instead of performing any over-the-top original musical numbers like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, both shows have the “bursting into the perfect narrative song for this exact moment” formula down pat. Also, Glee has similar well-executed storylines covering mental illness, although they tend to lean more towards after-school-special vibes, versus Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s dark comedy. 

Where to watch:  All of the seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. 

New Girl 

What it’s about: After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Jess finds herself in need of a new apartment ASAP. She answers a Craigslist ad and moves in with three guys, Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. (Coach is replaced early in the series with Winston).  The show follows the group’s lives, relationships, and roommate drama. 

The crazy connection: The character of Jess definitely has similar vibes to Rebecca, and will have you asking is she crazy or just eccentric? In New Girl’s case, eccentric is probably the answer, as opposed to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s answer being in the show’s title. Either way, Jess is a great character to watch when you need some more hijinks in your watchlist.  

Where to watch: All seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.