10 magical cocktails every Disney-lover needs to embrace their inner Hakuna Matata

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The Enchanted Rose

Be our guest and try out this Enchanted Rose cocktail, inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This one is almost too pretty to drink, as it’s inspired by the enchanted rose from the film. Sadly, making this won’t transform everyone and everything around you. But we can promise you it tastes good!

The Enchanted Rose is perfect for all of the Disney and wine lovers out there. To recreate it, you just take a stemless wine glass to resemble the rose’s glass case. Pour in some Rosé, Monin Rose Syrup, and a bit of club soda. Of course, you can also garnish it with a rose or some cherries.

(Recipe from eatdrinkbecozy.com.)

Olaf’s Hug

If you’re looking to cool down on a hot summer day, you can channel the Frozen lover inside of you and whip up Olaf’s Hug. It’ll cool you down and give you those wintertime feels. The final product even looks like a snowman!

For the ingredients, you’ll need vodka, coconut rum, Cream of Coconut, and heavy whipping cream. As far as snowman garnish goes, you should also pick up some chocolate chips, Karo Syrup, Simple Syrup, sugar crystals. And don’t forget the orange straw for his nose!

(Recipe from yohodisney.com.)