James Potter and Harry Potter: The relationship that could have been


We didn’t get to really see much of Harry Potter and his father but what could their relationship have been like? How would James have been as a dad?

James Potter and Harry Potter didn’t really get to have a relationship. That’s no one’s fault but Lord Voldemort but still, it makes us wonder. If James had survived, what kind of relationship would the two have had? Growing up, it seemed as if James had a problem with authority figures. So what would he be like when he had to be in charge?

Would he be like Harry is with his own kids? Would James not really know what to do or how to talk to him? We don’t know and we never will. From what we see in snippets and in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, he seems like he’d be a good dad.

He wants his wife and son to be happy and that’s all that matters to him. James went from being that trouble making kid to a man who put his life on the life in the Order of the Phoenix to try and stop Voldemort and who loved his family.

So when it came down to being a dad, he probably would have been the kind who would do anything for his wife and child, including sacrificing his own life to help protect them. It sucks that we didn’t get to see more of James Potter interacting with Harry but at least we know that some of his better qualities ended up being passed down to his son.

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