Harry Potter chocolate wands are to hit store shelves soon


Harry Potter chocolate wands have finally been given a release date for when they will hit store shelves.

It won’t be long now. The Harry Potter chocolate wands where unveiled by Jelly Belly a little while ago but until today, it was not clear when they would hit store shelves.

But no more! The chocolate wands have been given a date of sale which is just in time for Halloween. They will be available for purchase on October 1.

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There are four wands to choose from, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Professor Dumbledore. Which wand is completely up to you but considering they are replica wands, I would assume they have been made to scale.

Therefore whoever has the bigger wand may be the one to choose, because the bigger the wand, the more chocolate. Then again, they may all be made to the same weight, therefore it would not matter, and you could just choose your favorite.

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You could always just buy all of them and satisfy your inner Potterhead and Chocolate lover self. Yes, I think that would probably be the best option.

The last thing you will need to consider is if you are going to actually eat them or twirl them around in your best robes casting a spell or two. Personally, this is why I will buy a few. One for eating, one for casting spells.

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What are your plans? Are you going to splurge on a wand or two? If so which one? Will you eat it right away? Or add it to your cosplay costume first? Share what you are thinking by leaving a comment below.