Harry Potter and his astrological sign: Why being a Leo makes sense


You may not believe in astrology but the fact that Harry Potter is a Leo makes a lot of sense. Especially with the sixth book and how he acted.

Harry Potter was born on July 31. It is the same day of J.K Rowling and while it makes sense, it also makes him a Leo. If you’re not into astrological signs, here is the simple facts: Leos like attention and they’re obsessed with their hair. Sound familiar?

Our favorite boy who lived has hair that continually does whatever it wants and is wild and long and messy. On top of that, especially if you look at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry is very into his fame. When the girls start to pay attention to him, he’s obsessed with it.

Hermione obviously calls him out and makes him see reason but it is important to note that it goes to his head fairly often and his friends have to bring him back down. It isn’t a bad thing for Harry to love the attention, especially with how his childhood was. It is just funny that he’s that way when he is a Leo.

It makes sense, and it would be easy for J.K Rowling to write him as such since she is also a Leo. They’re known for their need of attention and praise and while Harry lacked it in his life as a child, when he got a taste he seemingly needed many people to tell him he was doing a good job.

Our little Leo is almost 40 but he’s still the boy who lived to us.

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Make sure to wish Harry a Happy Birthday on July 31. He’d be 38 years old this year and it is an important date for Potter fans everywhere!