What the end of July means to Harry Potter fans


Every July, Harry Potter fans get excited for what it means for their favorite wizard. So here is why fans love the end of the month!

Harry Potter shares the same birthday as his creator. J.K Rowling made Harry James Potter a Leo. Every July 31, fans of the series come out to celebrate the boy we love most. The end of the month has meant a lot to fans for different reasons.

One of the biggest is that some of the books were released around Harry’s birthday. While the movies ranged (mainly coming out in November) the books seemed to come around (or at least close) to his birthday.

It is truly sweet when you think about it. Every year, we fans got to celebrate the character that was bringing us together by going and getting his story right around his birthday.

Maybe it is because we have grown to know this time of year as the time when we’d get new Harry Potter material (even Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out on Harry’s birthday), but we still cherish this time because it is when we got to live with Harry.

July 31 is always going to be special to fans of the Harry Potter series. Whether it be us telling the world how much we love Harry or remembering going to midnight releases, this series is one that we want to share with the world in whatever way we can. Even if that means celebrating a fictional character’s birthday every single year. We do it for Harry James Potter.

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Tomorrow, make sure you wish Harry the biggest of birthdays. Go watch his movies, read his books, and celebrate the boy who brought us all together in the first place.