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ABBY’S — “Pilot” Episode — Pictured: (l-r) Natalie Morales as Abby, Neil Flynn as Fred — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Abby’s  – NBC

What you’re watching: Abby’s seems like an updated Cheers for the younger crowd, and I think its ensemble cast is going to find similar success. Natalie Morales plays Abby, the owner of an unlicensed backyard bar in which a handful of mismatched drinkers come to visit, vent, and just plain fellowship. You might recognize Neil Flynn from his recent stint on The Middle (or as Janitor from Scrubs) as one of the bars regular.

Abby’s makeshift bar is nestled in her backyard and offers a nice relief from today’s “party scene.” Abby doesn’t allow cellphone and you have to earn your seat at the bar. It relies on the oddball characters to carry the show, and it seems like it could be fun.

What it reminds you of: It’s from the producers of The Good Place and Parks and Recreation, so it has that earnest sarcasm that we have come to expect from an NBC half-hour comedy. The premise isn’t revolutionary — bring a lot of unlike individuals together and watch them bond — so it could feel like you’ve seen the premise before. You have, undoubtedly, but this chemistry might prove different.

Long-term potential: Shows succeed or fail based on how invested audiences get in the characters. Good money says this show has excellent long-term potential if the history of its creative team is any indication. Flynn alone could carry a show, if you ask me, but Morales is just funny enough, with enough spirit to make the show gel. I’ve got high hopes.