25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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Murphy Brown – CBS

What you’re watching: You’re watching a reboot of the long-running and critically claimed show by the same name. For those who remember, Candice Bergen played the title role of Murphy Brown as a part of a cast of characters working for a weekly news magazine show. In its original run, the show was nominated for 69 Emmys, and won 18. It was smart and topical, and even had Vice President Dan Quayle talking about Murphy’s “family values.”

This reboot brings the gang back together out of necessity in the aftermath of the 2016 election. This modern version promises to still have its political edge, but with a modern update. The show has added some new faces. If you were a fan during its first 10-year run, this won’t be all that different.

What it reminds you of: It’s going to look very similar to the first run, and I imagine the ideologies of its characters haven’t changed. If Murphy and Co didn’t suffer the conservative administration in the 80s, they certainly won’t these days.

Long-term potential: I’ll say it’s pretty high. Folks love nostalgia programming, and Murphy Brown fans were a loyal and dedicated bunch. The success of the show depends on its ability to outshine its own shadow and find a stride all its own in 2018.