10 nerdy podcasts you won’t want to miss


When it comes to entertaining podcasts, there are plenty of options out there. But these 10 nerdy podcasts are not to be missed.

Thanks to the internet we have podcasts, and no matter what topic you are looking for there is something for everyone. For the nerds out there, there are plenty of nerdy podcasts that cover so many different topics. And while the ease at which people can make a podcast means that there are some less than awesome options, there are some absolute treasures as well.

Among the nerdy podcast treasures are these 10 options. Not only do we see a variety of topics discussed, but some of these podcasts are specialized so you know that they really do know what they are talking about.

How Did This Get Made?

Have you ever wondered what was Hollywood thinking after you watched a movie? Are there movies that you watch because you know they are going to be bad, but you can’t resist tuning in and being snarky? If this describes you, then you have to listen to the How Did This Get Made? podcast.

The three hosts of the show have turned being snarky about bad movies into an art form. And really while it might be a little snarkfest, it is actually a fun and joyful one that doesn’t seem nearly as snarky as it could be. Plus, not only do they seem to genuinely love bad movies (and really who doesn’t), but their own apparent chemistry means that they are able to get passionate without being awkward or difficult to listen to.

The Tales of Sage and Savant

When it comes to nerdy podcasts, there is something truly unique about The Tales of Sage and Savant. Not only is this a steampunk podcast, but the modern ideas, blended with an alternative Victorian timeline, mean that the story being told is simply captivating.

And while the material is very rich with strong vocabulary and a story that is intense, it is also an action-packed adventure that anyone can enjoy. It is a lot like a fresh breath of air thanks to the humor and wit the hosts bring to the table. Plus, with how unique this particular podcast really is, you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

Hello From the Magic Tavern

If you want a lot of comedy with your nerdy podcast, then you will want to listen to Hello From the Magic Tavern. This podcast brings together three comedians from Chicago who in turn invite their friends and other comedians. These comedians take on a wide variety of topics from magical creatures to video games and comics.

No matter what the topic is, this podcast is equal parts funny and engaging. Plus, with content that is actually updated pretty regularly and actual audience engagement, this is a podcast that everyone can enjoy.

Black Girl Nerds

We love the Black Girl Nerds podcast thanks to their uplifting focus on empowering black women who are also nerdy. Not only do listeners get the chance to hear a more feminist-focused side of the media world, but this podcast also covers a variety of different topics.

The Black Girl Nerds podcast offers a wide variety of pop culture topics in their roundtable discussions, and they also do special interviews with an assortment of guests. In fact, they have even sat down with influencers such as Oprah, Chris Evans, and Jordan Peele, among others.


Are you a Harry Dresden fan? Do you like your magic a bit darker than what you found in either Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts? If that’s you, then you might love the Lore podcast.

While you might think of this podcast as being more of a horror program, the host of the show actually dives into American mythology. We are talking creepy folklore and even some fantastical tales that will be right up those Dresden-loving alleys.

Honestly, this is going to be more for the history-loving nerds out there, who also love some fantasy and myth thrown in. But really, this is one show that you won’t want to miss.

Imaginary Worlds

If you are looking for a podcast that is typically very regular in terms of their posts, then look no further than Imaginary Worlds. Here is a podcast that gives you both fantasy and science fiction. And while it has a very polished feel, the fact that the host is a professional reporter and producer means that he has contacts in the industry and he uses them.

From talking about Star Trek and the Klingon language, to having a discussion on zombies, this podcast seems to have it all. You might not expect such a polished podcast to be so fun, but nerdy guys and gals this is definitely a must listen.

Mighty Marvel Geeks

Marvel fans, I promise we did not forget about you. Here is a podcast with you in mind, the Mighty Marvel Geeks.

Not only do the hosts of the show talk about the comics themselves, but also the movies, TV shows, and basically anything Marvel related. On top of discussing these topics, they even do interviews with different people within the Marvel universe. Basically, this is a Marvel lover’s podcast paradise and we think you’ll love it.

ID10T With Chris Hardwick

Once upon a time, ID10T with Chris Hardwick went by the name Nerdist, and if you are a true nerd, then you’ve probably heard of it before. This was the ultimate nerdy podcast; the podcast that all other programs want to grow up to be like. Its since been quiet since the abuse allegations against Hardwick happened earlier this year, but it’s his friends help who carry the conversation and still make for an engaging podcast nonetheless.

Whether they are bringing in A-list talent or talking to people who know a thing or two about everything nerd related, this program offers something for everyone.

Rebel Force Radio

If you are part of the Star Wars fandom, then you definitely want to listen to Rebel Force Radio podcast. Not only do you get commentary and general news, there are also interviews and even contests.

This podcast is a variety show offering a little bit of everything for all the Star Wars fans out there. With a lively show that has been on for years, this podcast is a must-listen for any fans of this epic series.

The Indy Cast

Indiana Jones fans, we have a treat for you! While this is certainly a niche podcast, it is perfect for those of us who nerd out over Indiana Jones. Thanks to The Indy Cast, you get to enjoy interviews with people connected to the film series, and get so much knowledge that you would think George Lucas himself was supplying the hosts information.

This podcast is a love fest for fans of the adventurous archeologist, and honestly, this is a chance to go nerdy over something truly iconic.

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While there are so many nerd loving podcasts out there, these 10 are some of our favorites. From the specialized podcasts to the broader programs that offer a little bit of everything, these are some of our favorite podcasts out there.