10 nerdy kitchen items every pop culture fan needs at home


Are you a big foodie and a big nerd? So are we! Check out these geeky tools and decorations perfect for any superfan’s kitchen.

The only thing better than being a nerd is being a nerd with an apartment or house to decorate. And with sites like ThinkGeek, BoxLunch, and Amazon out there, geeky apartments just keep getting cooler and cooler.

Kitchen items are among the biggest hits when it comes to geekifying your home. These sites have no shortage of geeky kitchen tools and gadgets, all of which will, at the very least, keep you smiling while you cook.

Batman 3pc BBQ Tool Set. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

1. Batman BBQ tool set

What’s more impressive than inviting guests over, grilling them some burgers, and exclaiming “I’m Batman” in the process? Okay, so maybe that’s only impressive if you’re really into superheroes…

It’s also a perfectly reasonable thing to do if you pick up this Batman BBQ tool set from ThinkGeek. It comes with three pieces, all of which have “Batman” written up the handle. But our personal favorite is the Batman logo spatula, which also happens to have a Batman logo bottle opener on the other end. Batman-themed barbeque, anyone?

Super Mario Question Block Cookie Jar. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

2. Super Mario question block cookie jar

Gamers and ’90s kids especially will appreciate this cookie jar from ThinkGeek, based off of the question blocks from Super Mario. While we don’t recommend hitting this question box as hard as Mario does in the game, it does basically function the same way.

All you do is hit the top, and surprise: You can get the cookies inside. Honestly, why couldn’t that be how the game worked? Most of us would have taken cookies over mushrooms or fire flowers any day.

Poké Ball Cupcake Pan. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

3. Pokéball cupcake pan

This Pokéball cupcake pan from ThinkGeek is certainly a motivator to “bake ’em all.” Made from silicone, it’s safe to put in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Plus, it makes it harder for the cupcakes to get stuck to the pan.

Since the pan breaks apart, you’ll also be able to make actual Pokéball colored cupcakes. Just do a white cake for one half of the pan, and red for the other. Sadly, these don’t work with Pokémon Go just yet. But they’ll give you something to eat while you catch your Pokémon!

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker. Photo via BoxLunch.com

4. Death Star waffle maker

If you’re nerdy and harbor a deep appreciation for breakfast foods, you need this Star Wars Death Star waffle maker from BoxLunch. And let’s be honest: If waffles can’t convince you to join the dark side, nothing will.

If you absolutely insist on being the good guy, though, you’re still in luck. ThinkGeek sells a BB-8 waffle maker just like this one, and BoxLunch has an alternative in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. It seems both Sith and Jedi enjoy a delicious waffle now and then.

SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Spatula – BoxLunch Exclusive. Photo via BoxLunch.com

5. Krusty Krab spatula

This exclusive Krusty Krab spatula from BoxLunch will allow you to master the art of being a fry cook, just like SpongeBob. Once you steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, you’ll be unbeatable. You might even win employee of the month from the Krusty Krab.

If you really want to feel in character, BoxLunch also sells a Krusty Krab apron wear while you flip patties. Talk about a genius move.

DC Comics Superman Single Cup Coffee Maker. Photo via BoxLunch.com

6. Superman single cup coffee maker

All those heroes with 9 to 5 jobs can spruce up their desks with this Superman single cup coffee maker from BoxLunch. According to the site, this little machine is full of impressive features, from an illuminated power switch to a removable drop trap to a flip-top lid.

It also comes with a Superman logo mug and a permanent filter. So once you buy the machine, your work is basically done. As the website puts it, you can “forget Kryptonite” and “drink some coffee to get to your full power!”

Jurassic Park Coasters. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

7. Jurassic Park coaster set

Dinosaur lovers can use these Jurassic Park coasters from ThinkGeek to prevent Brontosaurus-sized drink stains on their tables and counters. The set comes with four wooden coasters, each with a different design. These include: the franchise logo, a dinosaur skeleton, a dinosaur footprint, and a claw mark.

All in all, these coasters are the perfect place to put your drink. But as ThinkGeek warns, “watch out for the ripples.” And if you see them, we’d suggest leaving the coasters and start running.

Unique Harry Potter Style Stemless 15 ounce Funny Wine Glass. Photo via Amazon.com

8. Harry Potter wine glasses

Even witches and wizards need some rosé after a long week (assuming they’re legally of age to use magic – and alcohol). These Harry Potter-themed stemless wine glasses from Amazon are the best place to keep your wine (at least, until it finds its way to your stomach).

With two 15-ounce glasses in the set, each wine glass has a quote from Harry Potter on it. The first says,” Accio Wine!” (something we’ve all thought before), and the second reads, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

As wine drinking slogans go, it doesn’t get much more accurate than that.

Dinner is Coming Cutting Board. Photo via Amazon.com

9. Game of Thrones cutting board

Game of Thrones fans, particularly those with a soft spot for House Stark, will make good use of this Stark sigil cutting board from Amazon. A wooden board with the Stark dire wolf on it, the cutting board reads, “Dinner is coming.”

Frankly, it’s a surprise that every house in Westeros isn’t fighting over that motto.

Marvel Captain America Shield 2-Quart Slow Cooker. Photo via Amazon.com

10. Captain America slow cooker

A list of geeky kitchen gadgets wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from one of the Avengers. This Captain America Shield slow cooker will add some Marvel to your kitchen, while allowing you to expand your dinner recipes tenfold.

Sure, it isn’t as good as actually having Captain America in the kitchen while you cook. But we suppose it’s a close second…

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What nerdy kitchenware do you have in your home? Share your recs with us in the comments!