Marvel fan creates amazing retro VHS covers to fuel your nostalgia vibes


One Marvel fan put their talent to work by creating some super retro VHS covers of some MCU movies. It’s enough to make you celebrate Throwback Thursday every day.

Out of all of Marvel Studio’s success, its movies unfortunately missed the heyday for having VHS home releases that came with those lovely, iconic boxes. While some people would opt to go for a digital copy of their favorite movies these days, you have to admit there was something nice about those VHS treasures.

But for those of you still missing those simpler times, one Marvel fan on Reddit recreated a few of the MCU movies to throw it back to those better days. Redditor tclarke597 posted several of their own mock-up VHS covers, and they all are something to Marvel at.

The most recent cover reimages Ant-Man and the Wasp as a classic Disney movie — which would be known as Quantum Realm in the ’90s. The cover’s got the light, goofy feel that let’s you know you’re going to watch a movie akin to Flubber or The Nutty Professor.

"MCU:VHS – Quantum Realm from marvelstudios"

These classic VHS movies aren’t all so light and fun like. Take Sebastian Stan in The Asset, a play on the 2014 movie, Captain America: Winter Solider. Front and center, we’ve got a completely hardcore Bucky Barnes looking away from an explosion (as all cool dudes do). If it were really the ’90s, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover instead.

"MCU VHS – The Asset from marvelstudios"

If sci-fi movies and mysteries are more your style, try The Zola Algorithm, where Zola takes the center stage in the movie instead of Captain America. And if that isn’t your cup of tea, try The Aether instead of Thor: The Dark World. Reimaged as a horror movie, it certainly looks like it would be a lot more interesting than how the actual movie turned out.

"VHS:MCU – The Zola Algorithm from marvelstudios"

"MCU:VHS – The Aether from marvelstudios"

Also. Ant-Man and the Wasp cut a huge Avengers cameo. light

These VHS tapes all look awesome, and we’re sure Marvel megafans wouldn’t mind actually having something like this to grace their movie collection’s shelves. Digital downloads and streams are convenient, but nothing quite beats having a physical copy of your favorite movie — even if it’s in VHS form.