Cholo Thanos easily wins the internet’s award for best SDCC cosplay


The hilarious cosplay has gained a ton of attention on Twitter and it’s only a matter of time before Josh Brolin sees it himself.

Twitter user Batt Rivera (aka @battjuice) has taken cosplay to a whole new level.

During SDCC last week, the graphic designer and Comic-Con enthusiast cosplayed as “Cholo” Thanos, armed with the Infinity Chancla and wearing a signature bandana, plaid shirt, long socks, and converse.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “Cholo” refers to a Latino-American “gangster” that wears similar clothing to that of what Rivera has on. The added bonus of the “chancla” or “slipper” is something that is used by a lot of Latino mothers and grandmothers as a way of punishment, hence the perfect weapon for this Latino persona and Marvel villain crossover.

Rivera weighed in on his passion for cosplaying and the incredibly unique idea of pairing his costumes with cholo/chola culture:

"I’ve done cholo-styled cosplay for a few years now. I once had an idea to do a cholo Joker, but I had always wanted a chola Harley Quinn to go with the idea. A friend of mine, Leela Bluepins, graciously thought it would be an amazing idea. So the two of us embarked on what would be the beginning of my cholo cosplay."

Fans of Rivera’s look on Twitter, of course, had to add their own jokes to the mix

Other cosplayers at SDCC decided to have some fun with the look as well:

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