Bruno Mars will play ‘Bodak Yellow’ in Cardi B’s honor after dropping out of tour


Fans of Cardi B might not get to see her perform in Bruno Mars’ upcoming tour, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still get to hear Bodak Yellow.

Cardi B won’t be going on tour with Bruno Mars after all. As a new mother, it makes sense that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper might want to have more time with her child before she gets back to work. Unfortunately for her fans, that means having to pull out of the tour.

In a post on Instagram, Cardi B explained her decision, making it clear that while this was hard for her to do, she simply underestimated what it would mean for her to be a mother. The rapper explained that originally when she committed to the tour, she thought she would be able to bring her daughter with her.

Not only did she say she would not be able to take her daughter on the road because of what her doctors told her, but she also said she is not physically ready herself. And honestly, it makes sense that Cardi B would not want to leave her newborn daughter behind while she went on tour.

The rapper said that she really hopes that her fans understand where she is coming from and that they are not too disappointed in her. She also thanked Bruno Mars for his support as she pulls out of his tour.

As a follow-up to her Instagram message, Bruno Mars sent one back in return. In his post directed to the rapper, he told her that her health and family are what is most important. And he also said that once the time is right for them, they will have the chance to share a stage and perform together.

However, Bruno Mars did not just promise to see Cardi B on the road in the future, he also made it clear that in his own way he will be bringing her with him. He told the rapper that he will make sure to play “Bodak Yellow” every night of the tour.

This means that even though Cardi B might not physically be on tour with Bruno Mars, it sounds like he plans to keep her alongside him in spirit.

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While it might be disappointing for fans that the rapper will not be able to go on tour like she originally planned, her daughter and her own health have to come first. And thanks to Bruno Mars, concertgoers will likely still get some Cardi B in their lives.