4 reasons why Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust will delight any Holmes fan


Author James Lovegrove is back with another Sherlock Holmes tale, and this one is filled with enough mystery and action to keep you glued to every page.

The fervor from the Sherlock Holmes fandom has not died since its inception back in the Victorian days. Even long after Sir Conan Arthur Doyle stopped writing his Sherlock Holmes stories, interest in the character has continued to grow. And without the help of willing authors to write more Holmes stories, the legacy of the great detective might not have lived on in the way it does today.

In that same vein, James Lovegrove’s Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust taps into that legacy to produce a book that carries the great Holmes name well through the 21st century. If you’re a fan of any of the newest Holmes incarnations (whether it be Sherlock, Elementary or the Guy Ritchie films), this will be a great supplement to fuel your love for a great mystery. Here are just a few highlights that might entice you to make The Devil’s Dust your next Holmesian read.

There is great action and suspense

One defining quality that sets this novel apart from other Holmes‘ tales is the level of action and suspense. The mystery follows the death of a lodger who seemingly is poised by his landlady. When Holmes and Watson are consulted for the case, they’re in for a whirlwind of an adventure when they being to dive deep into the mystery. The meet great travelers from far lands, and those travelers know a thing or two about having an intense showdown. Let’s just say some of the action in this novel might not have been too permissible during the Victorian era.

It’s a break from London… while still in London

While Holmes and Watson do venture out of London in some adventures, they mainly stay pretty British/European. Here, the duo encounters a few exuberant characters from Africa who make for all the more of an exciting story. The two don’t necessarily leave to travel to Africa in this novel, but through the character’s flashbacks and accounts, you still get the feeling that you’re right there in the great continent.


The title, Devil’s Dust, taps into the mystical curiosities from Africa that all gets revealed in good time. Holmes’ scientific brain clashes with a great huntsman he meets from the continent who firmly believes magical is responsible for all that has gone wrong. At every turn, the reader (along with Holmes and Watson) is left to wonder if the magic of African paganism at play, or something much more logical. There’s a lot of compelling evidence for either argument, but Homles is ultimately able to figure it out. At least, that’s what he’s convinced himself to think.

It’s Holmes and Watson done right

At the crux of a great Sherlock Holmes novel is the dynamic relationship between the great detective and his partner-in-solving-crimes, Dr. Watson. And this novel doesn’t just put Watson in a corner. Here, Watson puts his army doctor background to good use and earns some praise from the crew he’s helping out. Watson even has a bold moment where saves himself and Holmes from what could have been a deadly situation. Together, the two work in tandem the way Doyle intended, making it fit in with any of the other Holmes classics.

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For any Sherlock Holmes fan who likes to keep things fast-paced and interesting, this novel will surely satisfy that. Even the casual reader who might not be up on the great detective could still enjoy it. If anything, it’ll keep us happy while we wait for another season of Sherlock or for the movie Sherlock Holmes 3 to come out.