The 100: What are Diyoza and Kane planning?


At the end of “The Dark Year,” Diyoza and Kane return to Shallow Valley. It seems that they’ve chosen to help McCreary, but is all as it appears?

This week’s episode of The 100 closed with a twist that might bode ill for all of the characters on Wonkru’s side of the approaching war. Despite the fact that McCreary chased Diyoza and Kane out of Shallow Valley during “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” the two return to offer him information.

McCreary is rightfully distrustful. Just a few episodes ago, Diyoza was advising Abby to hide her medical advances from him, hoping he’d die before discovering the truth. But when he asks why they’ve returned, Diyoza tells him that Wonkru is aware of his battle plans.

They offer to give McCreary information to help him defeat Octavia, because as Kane puts it, he “won’t let the devil in this garden.” But choosing McCreary over Octavia is certainly a gamble. While Blodreina is unstable and eager to lead her people into war, McCreary borders on being a sociopath.

And given Diyoza’s desire to see McCreary perish, it seems that she’s aware of how dangerous keeping him alive is. So choosing him over Octavia seems an unwise move, especially when it comes at the cost of betraying Spacekru and all of Kane’s people behind the Wonkru front lines.

So is the duo’s decision exactly as it appears, or is there more happening here than meets the eye?

If Diyoza and Kane truly plan to aid McCreary and his men, viewers have to assume they have a plan for after the war is through. Keeping violent and volatile prisoners alive, when they both desire peace, just doesn’t make sense.

And then there’s the fact that the pair wanted to save the useful followers of Wonkru, especially the engineers. Helping McCreary slaughter them seems counterproductive to their plans, particularly given that he won’t accept a surrender.

So what are the two planning? We’d like to believe that they’re actually planning to double-cross McCreary, giving Wonkru a fighting chance. But Kane seems desperate to rid the world of Blodreina, and besides, things never work out that easily on The 100.

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We’ll see what Diyoza and Kane do when the war officially begins. “Damocles Part One” airs on Tuesday, July 31.