Netflix updated its profile icons so you can be one of their original characters


Goodbye, crooked Netflix smile icon. Hello, Jessica Jones, Eleven, and our boy Jonathan Van Ness.

After five years of the standard profile icons offered by Netflix, the company is looking to change things up. Netflix recently announced that subscribers now have the option to choose new icons that better represent them and their binge-watching obsessions.

New icons featuring characters from the streaming services original programming are now available for you to choose from when setting up your profile. This means that rather than picking an orange face with a crooked smile, you can become Eleven from Strangers Things or perhaps one of the new Fab Five from Queer Eye.

Of course, if you still want a simple face as your profile icon that is okay too. While Netflix is not planning to get rid of their original profile icons, those will also be getting an update. The original icons will get a bit more color and expression to them, making them feel a lot more like emojis than they do right now.

Subscribers will eventually have over 100 new icons to choose from once Netflix fully rolls out their update.

The update is a smart strategy for Netflix, to help keep things fresh with their app and utilize it as a marketing tool. When you see a character from your favorite show pop up as your icon, you are more likely to think, “oh I want to watch that now.”

You might also see a character that calls to you, leading you to hunt down new shows and programming. Generally speaking, this icon update is a great way to make the users (us) feel like we are more connected to our favorite shows.

And who doesn’t love the idea of being able to better cultivate their Netflix profile? Not only will you get to choose an icon that works for you, but you can even choose something new and fresh for any friends and family who use your account alongside you. Tough decisions may happen though, like whether your partner is more a Steve or a Jonathan from Stranger Things.

Hot. The Fab Five are back with a new city and season of Queer Eye on Netflix!. light

However you decide to update your Netflix profile, this is a chance to really make it your own. Whether you decide to stick with one of their original (but more colorful) profile icons, or go with a character from one of your favorite shows, the streaming service is changing things up when it comes to the way they highlight their original programming.