20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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Ugly Betty season 4 still. Photo via ABC

Ugly Betty has been off the air for over 8 years now, but in today’s society, the storylines have never been more relevant.

In today’s world of television, every show tries to tackle heavy issues that we can relate to. Social issues like immigration, LGBTQ rights, body shaming, sexual harassment, and political turmoil have made their way into storylines of many beloved shows, because it’s the reality of the world we live in. But Ugly Betty was tackling many of these topics before most of those shows were even on the air.

When Ugly Betty first premiered in 2006, it was a groundbreaking show for many reasons. It focused on a Mexican-American woman named Betty who wasn’t conventionally attractive but worked at a fashion magazine, as well as her family’s struggles with immigration and making ends meet. The show also tackled heavy topics like transitioning and coming out, at a time when those stories weren’t really being told on major networks.

Though it got plenty of accolades at the time, Ugly Betty only lasted four seasons on ABC. Looking back on the series, the show seems more relevant now than it did when it first aired 12 years ago. It was ahead of its time, but maybe in this era of reboots and sequels, the show will finally get what it deserves.

Here are 20 moments from Ugly Betty that prove the show was way ahead of its time.