A mystery character could be the origin story to Nagini


Nagini is one of those characters that exists in the Harry Potter universe that we don’t know much about. But that might be changing with Fantastic Beasts.

Could Nagini be more than just a pet to Voldemort? A recent theory has surfaced that the mysterious woman Credence Barebone meets at the circus could lead to backstory for the famous Horcrux to Lord Voldemort.

Nagini is the snake that Neville Longbottom beheads to help take down Voldemort. To many of us, she is just a pet snake that Voldemort loves with all his heart. But what if she was something more?

This new theory suggests that the woman (who remains nameless in the promotional aspects for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) could be Nagini before she becomes the snake we’ve come to know.

Rowling is the queen of connecting stories in ways we never thought possible. Before Prisoner of Azkaban, none of us could have believed that Scabbers was going to be the man who betrayed James and Lily Potter.

So is this the way that the Fantastic Beasts movies connect directly with the Harry Potter series? Because while they began as two separate works in the same universe, the idea now is that all the movies from both series will connect flawlessly to one another.

Does this mean that we’ll get a glimpse of the Potters by the end of Fantastic Beasts? No but it does at least mean we’ll start to see Easter eggs throughout the series to connect it back to the Harry Potter films.

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Are you interested in Nagini’s background? Or do you think she’s just a pet snake since Voldemort is, after all, a Slytherin? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!