I missed Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday, lets make up with the best Potter moments!


Oh my, how could I, how could I forget. Here are best/funniest scenes that Daniel Radcliffe had throughout the Harry Potter movies to make up for it.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Scrolling through Twitter this morning, looking at Harry Potter facts, a normal Wednesday. On the timeline, I see that I missed Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday yesterday.

Am I no better than the Dursely’s? The despicable family that refused to acknowledge Harry’s birthday, to the point he made himself a fake cake out of dust?

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Radcliffe’s portrayal of Harry Potter was so spot on, it’s hard to believe they auditioned any other candidates. The note that J.K. Rowling sent to Daniel when he got the part is riveting, but will also make you weep.

Despite battling alcohol abuse throughout the movies, I believe that Radcliffe really knocked it out of the park. He portrayed Harry in the way that Rowling envisioned when she wrote him that letter.

So let’s look at his time as the boy wizard, and more importantly the best/funniest scenes that Radcliffe had throughout the movies.

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Harry Potter and the Love Potion

Standing in the Library during his sixth year at Hogwarts, people are well aware that Harry is the chosen one. Obviously, some took a notice to the most famous Wizard in the world.

Through Hermione’s keen knowledge of the obvious, Harry learns that Romilda Vane, wants to smuggle him a love potion.

Hermione divulges that Romilda only wants Harry, because he is the chosen one. He hits her back with “But I AM the Chosen One.”

Must be nice.

Harry Potter and the Pincers

This is easily my favorite scene in the movies. Harry is drunk on Felix Felicis, Liquid Luck. During this scene, Harry is in an extremely good mood, and wonders about the castle looking for Hagrid.

Professor Slughorn joins him on his adventure. They both find Hagrid, with the newly deceased Acromantula, Aragog. Harry is in such a funny place throughout this whole scene it automatically brings a smile to my face.

Harry Potter and the Severus’ Nose

Harry is wondering about the castle, looking for Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map. He eventually runs directly into Snape., his favorite teacher.  Snape confronts Harry for being out of his bed. Harry shoots back with a quick lie about sleepwalking.

An annoyed Snape takes the map, and asks Harry to reveal its true usage. Harry roasts Snivelly with an instant classic.

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Whats your favorite Daniel Radcliffe scene throughout the movies? Leave a comment below to solemnly swear you’re up to no good!