15 ways you can recreate Mamma Mia’s vintage style

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Learning to Fly Navy Blue Jumpsuit. Photo via Lulus.com


Get the look: Learning to Fly Navy Blue Jumpsuit

Fun fact: Jumpsuits are suits that were created for actual jumping! Parachuters and skydivers were the reason that they came to be in the first place. This timeline notes the 1970s as being the height of their popularity when the look transitioned from utility and runway to attainable fashion.

ABBA and Cher embraced the jumpsuit trend, both of whom are featured in Mamma Mia! ABBA’s music is the whole reason that the franchise even exists, so you might call this the most quintessential of all the 1970s fashion. Jumpsuits are currently also my favorite pieces to wear in 2018.

Speaking of Cher, she is the number one reason to see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. We find out that Sky tracked her down in NYC, and she decided that she wanted to be a part of Sophie and her baby’s lives. This is after years of estrangement from her daughter Donna, who has since passed. Cher shows up at basically the end, performs the hell out of Fernando, and leaves us feeling like the movie was productive.

Grab some vintage inspiration from these amazing 1970s icons, and get yourself into a jumpsuit like this one.