15 ways you can recreate Mamma Mia’s vintage style

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Levi’s Baggy Denim Overalls. Photo via FreePeople.com


Get the look: Baggy Denim Overalls

Meryl Streep’s Donna created an iconic look with her overalls in the first Mamma Mia movie. And she described them perfectly as being “part kid, and part worker, and part fun. There’s nothing that outfit won’t do!”

Having recently traveled for a month myself, picking up a pair of linen overall culottes was one of the best decisions ever. I can vouch for the versatility and freeing feeling. In dungarees, you can score an added utilitarianism and unfussy wardrobe staple.

We’ve found overalls from the OG makers, Levi’s. They’re a mix between free-spirited (and later pregnant) Young Donna, played by Lily James in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and the badass mother of Sophie who we originally fell in love with.

These will be your new best companion on your adventures. So hike up those hems, and put on the ABBA. We’re just getting started!