15 ways you can recreate Mamma Mia’s vintage style

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The Artiste Carryon. Photo via SteamlineLuggage.com

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Get the look: The Artiste Carryon

There could be individual categories for all types of accessories.

Like, hats. There were hats in the Mamma Mia! movies, but were any of them particularly mind-blowing? No. Would you like a lovely summer hat recommendation? Okay, here you go.

I could also be cliché, and tell you that you should buy a flower crown. As much as I love flowers, and still put them in my hair, I’m beyond seriously giving them any attention. But, if you’d like to follow Sophie’s lead from when she meant to get married, here are some flower crowns. Meryl Streep said it best: Groundbreaking.

There was a half-baked thought to pull some inspiration in the form of JELLY, but there really wasn’t a strong case for it. This is stuff is super cute though.

Behold the answer to my accessories conundrum: luggage.

Young Donna travels around with her classic brown leather suitcase. You know, before they had wheels. Do you even know? That sucked. So here’s a stylish update on the classic, with wheels. It is freakin’ expensive, but consider it an investment. You’re welcome.