15 ways you can recreate Mamma Mia’s vintage style

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Portia One Shoulder Maxi Dress. Photo via ShowMeYourMumu.com

Boho Bride

Get the look: Portia One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Back in the 2008 Mamma Mia!, we were all initially invited to the island of Kalokairi to witness the nuptials of Sophie and Sky. Which the timeline would suggest was around the year 2000. The whole story revolved around Sophie bringing three of her mother’s former flings to Greece, to find out which was her father, under the guise of a marriage about to take place.

The lid quickly got blown off of Sophie’s plan. There’s chaos, there’s reconciliation, and all three men decided to forgo paternity testing in order remain father figures.

At the end of Mamma Mia #1, not only did Sophie not get an answer to who was her mother’s partner-in-crime, but she ended up deciding to call off the wedding so that Sky and she could just travel instead.

While Sophie didn’t provide the cookie-cutter romantic comedy happy ending, she did give us a glimpse of a modern (at the time) Grecian-style wedding gown, with a bohemian twist. This is the most perfect simple, one-shoulder, stretchy, summery, boho-tastic dress to not get married in.