15 ways you can recreate Mamma Mia’s vintage style

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Retro Style Multicolor Chevron Arrow Lace Up Halter Swimsuit. Photo via Unique-Vintage.com


Get the look: Chevron Arrow Lace-Up Halter Swimsuit

Even though the Mamma Mia! movies take place mostly on an island, and in and around water, there isn’t a lot of swimsuit screen time. The most notable was in the first movie when Sky and Sophie, in a cute graphic print one-piece, roll around on the beach.

There’s also a really strange, very Mamma Mia!-esque moment in that scene, where are bunch of guys in swim trunks dance around wearing flippers. They subsequently all jump off of a dock into the sea. At least they have on swim gear, as opposed to those moments when people are wearing things like… overalls!

Back to cute swimwear… There’s this fun and very ’70s halter swimsuit, with a bold chevron print. Chevron has a very loaded past. The more delightful history, that ties into the ’70s thing that we’re doing here, is that the Missoni zigzag pattern is actually called the “chevron stripe.” It’s a crochet pattern! Triple 1970s whammy!