Want to own this Game of Thrones castle? Better visit the Iron Bank first


Don’t lose your head! A Game of Thrones castle has been listed for sale. Do you have enough in your coffers to purchase this estate?

Do you want to own a Game of Thrones castle? If you have a large enough bankroll, this stunning Irish castle could become your family estate. But, buyer beware. This castle is more of a fixer-upper.

According to the Daily Mail, a part of Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland is on the market. For around $650,000 dollars, a portion of this castle could become your royal domain. While built as a country home for the Earl of Gosford, it is a stunning piece of Norman revival style architecture. It received designation as a historic site, although now it might need a little regal attention.

For many people, this castle will seem quite familiar as it was featured in Game of Thrones. In the siege of Riverrun, the castle and the grounds were a feature. Also, the beheading of Rickard Karstark was filmed in the gardens.

But, this castle isn’t just a filming location for Game of Thrones. Over the castle’s history, the building and grounds have had a myriad of uses. It once used to house troops, prisoners of war and public documents. In the early 1980s, the location was a hotel.

Most recently, the Gosford Castle Development Limited began a huge restoration of the buildings. The restoration took extreme care to ensure that all renovations maintained the historic integrity of the castle. While this statement sounds quite lovely, the real world assumption is that a lot of money was spent.

For the $650,000 sale price, the new owner will only get a portion of the estate. The area is said to be “partially developed.” Basically, this real estate sale comes with an even larger price tag. Considering that the building needs renovations that are historically accurate, the potential buyer will need to invest at least double or more than the purchase price.

Still, if a person had such a large sum of money, the investment could be a smart one. Given the popularity of Game of Thrones, many fans would probably spend an exuberant amount of money for the ability to stay in a “real” Game of Thrones room. Just look at other themed hotel rooms around the globe. Those types of hotel rooms can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars a night, with year-long wait lists.

Since this castle does have a historic destination, it might be difficult to create replicas from the Game of Thrones. Overall, the rooms could have a feel and a few subtle nods to the warring families. While I wouldn’t suggest recreating be-headings in the garden, the castle could have little decorative pieces, color schemes or even hidden gems added throughout the renovation.

Truthfully, this real estate purchase would be best served as private residences. Whether used as a primary residence or a vacation home, it would be quite impressive to say that you own part of a castle. It would be even better if the purchase came with a title or at least a crown. Considering the cost, I would have hoped that someone could have thrown in the title of Lord or Lady of the manor.

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Are you a super-fan who has the savings to purchase this Game of Thrones castle? Maybe a group of friends can pool their money and turn it into a Game of Thrones AirBnB. Based on this price tag, I might only be able to afford a few nights.