Paul McCartney heads back to Abbey Road for a secret concert


Fans got the greatest gift of all when Paul McCartney returned to Abbey Road for a secret concert in preparation for his new album!

Paul McCartney is still one of the greatest living musicians. So it isn’t a surprise that fans are freaking out over his return to Abbey Road. Famous among fans of the Beatles for their iconic walking picture and the title of an album, Paul going back to the Abbey Road studios for his latest work is pretty incredible.

McCartney even did a surprise concert at the famed studio (where many of our favorite albums were recorded) to debut four songs off his new album. That included “Fuh You,” “Who Cares,” “Confidante” and “Come On To Me.” The songs were recorded to be released for the general public at a later date.

If McCartney returning to the studio wasn’t emotional enough, he also took to the street. Or shall we say, road? You know, the one made famous by him and his three friends? McCartney sent fans into a frenzy when they saw him cross the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk, and he even stopped to pose for a quick second, making for the perfect photo op.

Recently, McCartney was featured on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke where, very relatably, Corden cried multiple times while singing with the legend. This kicked off the first of many promotions McCartney is doing for his newest album, Egyptian Station.

Unfortunately for us all, we still have quite a while before the new album comes out. However, tye songs he debuted on the Late Late Show with James Corden and what he played at Abbey Road has fans talking.

Paul McCartney is still a legend among fans of the Beatles and musicians around the world. He’s still performing and embracing those who tell him how much his music means to the world. And really, who wouldn’t cry getting to sing “Hey Jude” with Paul McCartney? Everything about him is amazing and we can’t wait for his new album.

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Paul McCartney’s album comes out September 7. From what it looks like, the new album won’t abandon the classic McCartney sound we love, but it will have a bit of a modern twist!