Marvel fan creates an Avengers 4 opening that still has us crying about Infinity War


Forgot about the pain and destruction caused by Avengers: Infinity War? Don’t worry, this fan concept intro is here to remind us of what we lost.

Marvel wants us all to suffer after Avengers: Infinity War. Just when it felt like we could finally be freed of the pain caused by Thanos and his snap heard round the cosmos, fans started to recreate their own fan concept works just to dig the knife in a little deeper.

NedLeeds1 on Reddit decided that the opening credits for the Marvel movies needed a little overhaul. So, for Avengers 4, they made their own idea of what the Marvel Studios intro could be. The result?

"Avengers 4 (2019) MCU Marvel Intro | Fan Concept from marvelstudios"

Ever want to roll in a ball and protect your faves more? Reminding us of those that fade away, the opening is otherwise the same. Just showing the typical Marvel logo. But as soon as it says Marvel Studios with “10” in the logo, it begins to fade away just as Bucky Barnes and the others did in their (hopefully not really) final moments.

Don’t worry though, seeing that will be a harsh reminder of what the end of Infinity War did to us all. And Marvel knows what it did, too. At Comic-Con, Marvel offered a special kind of “grief counseling” for those who were hurt by the events in Avengers: Infinity War.

Will we ever have a moment when we don’t cry when we see a pile of dust? Probably not. We had to watch our favorite characters die because Thanos thought it’d be a good idea to wipe out half of the population of the universe.

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We have to wait until 2019 to have our answers about Avengers: Infinity War and until then, we can just continue to cry over our favorites.