Did you know a Harry Potter tribute band existed?


You’ve seen the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and the Rat Pack tribute bands and acts. Have you ever heard of a Harry Potter tribute band?

The Harry Potter fandom is diverse and entertaining. There’s a little something for everyone when you delve into it, including fans of music. And no, I’m not just talking about the orchestral music–although that is stunning. Move over Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Rat Pack tributes. The Harry Potter tribute band is here.

Wizard rock is the genre and what a genre it is! There are multiple artists who have developed humorous songs about the wizarding world. If you have seen The Big Bang Theory recently, think about Howard and Raj’s band where all the songs are about Star WarsIndiana Jones, and other pop culture. This is exactly that but about the Boy Wizard.

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Tonks and the Aurors is an Ohio band, ready to take the world by storm. Steph Andersen is part of the band and shares that it’s something absolutely anyone can do. All you need is access to some instruments and enjoy creating lyrics with Harry and his friends and enemies in mind. This is something she’s been doing for 11 years, but you can start right now!

The Harry Potter tribute band is described as the Bruce Springsteen of the genre. Tonks and the Aurors have traveled the country and even have five albums! They mostly play in libraries, which is just perfect for a band based on Harry Potter. Now they’ll just have to find one that has grand staircases.

Why libraries, though? The aim is to encourage more people to read. The band likes to encourage literacy and show that libraries aren’t just a place for free Wi-Fi. Considering the wizarding world was developed from novels, it makes perfect sense.

All music written and composed is inspired by the magical world. There are themes that anyone can relate to, but a lot of the discussion is about facing evil and keeping bad out of the community.

Check out Tonks and the Auror’s “The Mission” below. You’ll instantly tell the part of the book series this song is inspired by.

Did you realize a Harry Potter tribute band existed? Have you heard of others? Share your thoughts in the comments below.